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      Learning with SparkPost

      Email 101

      Essential Email Concepts and Terminology

      Email Sender Reputation

      Here’s what you need to know about your email sender reputation: what it is, how it’s scored, and how to protect it with monitoring and an IP warm-up plan.

      Learn More

      Email Deliverability

      Navigate Authentication Protocols and Sending Best Practices

      DMARC Explained

      DMARC Explained

      DMARC is a standard for defining email authentication and enforcement. Learn how it works, record types, policies, and more.

      Learn More
      DKIM Explained

      DKIM Explained

      DKIM is a technical standard for email authentication that helps ensure email wasn’t altered in transit. Here’s how it works.

      Learn More

      Technical & Implementation Guides

      Switch Email Providers or Implement New Technology Seamlessly